headshot_andrialoI am a writer, artist, performer, and creative writing workshop facilitator.

I facilitate creative writing workshops with youth and adults in schools, libraries, afterschool programs, summer camps, youth-housing facilities, writing centers, and health clinics, and bookstores. The writers I work with express themselves through journaling, memoir, poetry, plays, spoken word, monologue, and visual art. While my workshops focus on writing and performance, and certainly help bolster students’ writing abilities, they also encourage the students to feel more comfortable working in groups, improve public speaking skills, and build self-confidence. Through writing, I help people enter into conversation with themselves and each other, and hopefully come out the other end with a greater understanding and acceptance of who they are.

I believe that the word—spoken and written—has the power to transform both listener and speaker.

I write and perform first-person essays, monologues, and lists about my life, focusing on issues of identity and motherhood. I am currently working on a book about mom rage.