LGonzales_WritersCorps_Dubin_79Minna specializes in facilitating project-based creative writing workshops for teens. Past workshops have culminated in anthologies, public art installations, gallery exhibits, community monologue performances, and handmade chapbooks. Minna is excited about mixing mediums, using words to make art, and art to make words.

Minna studied “Race, Ethnicity, and Post-Colonialism,” memoir writing, and education. She found that writing about personal feelings and experiences, then sharing that writing in safe spaces with peers held the possibility for great personal and social transformation. The combination of identity studies, creative writing, and youth-development-focused education led to Minna’s writing workshops with youth, in which she holds a space where youth can be themselves, while being challenged and inspired, learning and having fun. If you’re interested in bringing these workshops to your organization, please contact Minna here.



As the training coordinator for WritersCorps, a program of the San Francisco Arts Commission and the San Francisco Public Libraries, I planned a year-long training curriculum for teaching artists. I now offer training workshops for educators at schools, non-profit organizations, camps, after-school art programs, and corporations. I use my fifteen years of experience facilitating creative writing workshops in all kinds of settings to build trainings tailored to each organization’s specific needs. Below is a short sampling of trainings I offer. If you have questions or want to chat about training possibilities, please contact me.

Teaching Students to Perform Well: This training helps teachers identify the main factors of a good performance. Then we work on naming and creating some simple methods for getting students to be loud, passionate, and slow in their performances. We practice these new methods with each other and leave with a full performance toolbox.

Taking Advantage of Professional Development Money: Many organizations offer their staff funding to pay for professional development opportunities of their choice. Often, these funds go unused or feel to the staff like a chore. This training includes one-on-one coaching to help staff identify their own professional goals and the steps that will help them achieve these goals.

Building a Year-Long Curriculum: For educators who teach the full academic year, it is important that the year has a through-line, and each month builds on the one before it. Without proper year-long curriculum training, educators often end up playing “catch-up” and doing easy “one-off” lessons. This training will help educators set year-end goals for their classes and workshops, and work backwards through the months to identify what steps must be reached to achieve the desired end result, be it a performance or arts project, or a level of knowledge and comprehension.

Some other trainings I’ve Facilitated or Coordinated Are:

Team-Building Writing Workshop 

Ekphrasis: Using Visual Art as an Inroad to Writing for Visual Learners

Teaching Artist Self Care 

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Trauma and Secondary Trauma for Educators

Child Development

Teaching Artists’ Role as Activists and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Affirming Students: Methods & Language

Financial Security as an Independent Contractor

Winning Grants and Artist Residencies Like a Boss



Minna was such a positive role model all through the group and after! She really motivated me to do better and because of that, I am sooo thankful to her for pushing me and helping me gain the confidence I needed.

Mella Rainey, 17 years old

My first introduction to writing, expression and creative contemplation was under the profound guidance of Minna Dubin. I was a young teenager and, like many others, struggling with identity, family hardships and finding my voice. Minna helped shape my first performance piece, sharing her wise advice and offering her nurturing mentorship. The experience of writing and performing that first time was monumentally transformative personally, however scared and unsure I was at that moment in time. Ever since that empowering collaboration with Minna as both my teacher and role-model, I have been using words, stories and free-writing as a way to find and strengthen my voice as a woman, midwife, and activist.

Yael Offer,  28 years old

We are very pleased with the progress our son made under your instruction. I think you’ve helped him firm up some important writing, organizing, and thinking habits that will help him…on his journey as a writer. Thank you for introducing him to contemporary literature!

Parent of youth participant